A New You with km image consulting – Develop an authentic image

Every now and then i-genius likes to talk with people from different industries who at first may not appear to be doing anything social in particular. But as you budding social entrepreneurs and change-makers know, change and doing good come in all forms.

i-genius talked with Kelly Millar, Fashion and Image Consultant, and Founder of KM Image Consulting to discuss looking and feeling good for the year ahead.


i-genius: In a nutshell, what is km image consulting?
KM Image Consulting is a leading international team of image consultants run by owner Kelly Millar in London, UK, offering a highly personalised service for discerning individuals and corporations. We offer unique, high-quality image development and management services through our international team of leading image consultants, personal stylists, personal shoppers and coaches with a prime commitment of assisting you to develop an authentic image and achieve your most important goals. Using a holistic approach to image consultancy, image development and management, we get to know our clients and determine their particular needs. We bring you the very best, so you can be your very best.

i-genius: Is it important to have an image?
Regardless of your lifestyle and what you do, everyone projects a certain image. Like it or not, we all assess people according to the first impression they make. So why not make your first impression your best impression?

i-genius: Describe the social aspect to your business
I believe how you feel about yourself has a strong impact socially. How you look and whether or not you take pride in your appearance can greatly affect your personal and professional life both positively and negatively. At KM Image Consulting we are passionate about assisting you to always put your best foot forward and to look and feel your absolute best. 

i-genius: What is your most popular service?
Exclusive to KM Image consulting, our unique Image Connector™ program is definitely our most popular service. It is designed to help you achieve your next level of success by connecting your image to who you really are. We help you understand your current situation, develop your personal signature style and create a powerful vision for your ideal image. 

i-genius: What is the one thing you most enjoy about your job?
I enjoy seeing people transform into their best self possible and seeing how much that enriches their overall lives. I’m very passionate about my work and find it very fulfilling and rewarding. 

i-genius: What are you reading at the moment?
Wayne Dyer
i-genius: Thank you Kelly! Find out more about km image consulting: click here!

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  1. Would like to know if you offer scholarships for international students to study IMAGE CONSULTING with your body?

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