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MediCinema improves the difficult reality of life in hospital for patients and their families throughout the UK, giving them the resilience they need to get through an incredibly difficult time.

Being in hospital is hard, and while some patients only have to spend mere hours on a ward, many are admitted for weeks, months and even years at a time. As well as the pain, discomfort and other difficulties their condition brings, being in hospital restricts patients to the hospital grounds and cuts them off from life outside the hospital. With little to do, boredom becomes a real problem, and it is almost impossible for patients to have any sense of normality.

But Medicinema believe in the power of cinema – a good film enjoyed together makes everyone feel better.

MediCinema gives patients and their families a break from the ward and all the difficulties of being in hospital through the transformative power of cinema. The charity does this by building, installing and running cinemas in places of care. Its cinemas are specifically designed to comfortably accommodate wheelchairs and hospital beds whilst maintaining a real and immersive cinema experience away from the wards for patients and their families.

Medicinema began breaking new ground when they opened its first hospital cinema in 1999. To date they have six MediCinemas and plan to double the number of sites and triple the annual number of people they reach by 2025.

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