BIO-LUTIONS, The Natural Solution for Disposables

BIO-LUTIONS, The Natural Solution for Disposables

Renaturing the world of materials.

BIO-LUTIONS offers sustainable packaging and disposable tableware solutions made of agricultural residues.

BIO-LUTIONS convert its raw materials into self-binding natural fibres through a mechanical process. Its raw materials do not have to go through the energy-intense process of cellulose extraction or bleaching. This way, the company can avoid the excessive use of chemicals and water in its production processes, both common to cellulose based paper and bio-plastic production.

BIO-LUTIONS technology makes it possible to use even the shortest fibres from most agricultural residues found worldwide. The goal is to create a decentralized production network with local factories and regionalized distribution. This will go hand in hand with localized raw material collection and processing. By decentralizing the production, BIO-LUTIONS can meet local demand, create local jobs while also limiting CO2 emissions and transportation costs thanks to simplified logistics.

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