Base Europe Paris Business Review Second Edition and New FX Partners

Base Europe Paris Business Review Second Edition and New FX Partners

City of revolution, love, food, lights and the arts.

Following the successful launch of i-genius’ latest programme initiative Base Europe in October 2018, we follow up with the second edition of the Paris Business Review. This briefing is designed to give entrepreneurs and business leaders an overview of the suitability of Paris as a place for doing business. The content is relevant for businesses of all sizes and sectors but some of the content is especially suitable for new ventures or existing small and medium firms (SMEs) which may be interested in locating in the city.

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At i-genius we partner with various businesses to offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of every type of business within our network. We would like to introduce you to Monex Europe and WorldFirst, our latest partners for our Base Europe initiative.

You can take advantage of our partnership with both foreign exchange FX brands to better assist you with your international trade by following the below information:

Monex Europe FX
Monex Europe – FX Services

With more than $5.2 billion in assets, over $198 billion of group FX turnover and more than 4.9 million transactions made each year, Monex Group is one of the world’s largest commercial foreign exchange providers. Its global presence spans 3 continents and 12 cities across the globe.

For a direct link to Monex Europe please email:

WorldFirst FX
WorldFirst – FX Services

Since 2004, WorldFirst have rapidly grown exponentially and with a global team around 600 strong, have become a market-leading, multi-award winning, bank-beating, rapidly-growing, fun-loving international payments company.

Click on the following links:
Corporate Importers | Corporate Exporters | Private clients

In addition, if you are seeking advice on Brexit (including scenario planning) or on the Europe Union, please check out our European Union Advisory Service.


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