Deloitte UK working with social enterprises


Social Innovation Pioneers Programme

Deloitte recently revealed that it will be working with 12 new social enterprises in the third year of its Social Innovation Pioneers programme. As with previous years, this group will get an estimated £1 million in support from Deloitte employees.

In practice, this program has helped social enterprises formulate and implement strategies, look at alternative ways to generate revenue, or create an approach to seek investment. But it’s not just social enterprises that are benefiting. Deloitte is too!

“This program continues to provide the perfect opportunity for our people to use their skills and expertise to support these organisations, while learning from the work they’re doing within the social enterprise sector,” said David Barnes, managing partner at Deloitte, in a statement.

This year, Deloitte employees will come into contact with a variety of issues that the social enterprises are addressing, including poverty, social mobility, elderly care, homelessness, and providing employment to disadvantaged people and people with disability.

And according to second-year participant Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, founder and CEO of Patients Know Best, continuing the capacity building relationship with Deloitte beyond this one-year CSR program can actually be profitable for both parties as they form new contracts.

Of the 16 social enterprises from last year’s cohort, 80 percent reported increased employment, with a total of 20 full-time and 40 part-time positions created among them. The enterprises also reported an average growth in turnover of 38 percent over the course of the year.

The 12 selected social enterprises that will participate in this year’s program are: From Babies With Love, Oomph!, The Brilliant Club, Social Bite, Co Wheels, Stickyboard, Debate Mate, TheGivingMachine, Glencraft, Timewise, Greenstream Flooring, and Westway Development Trust. Good luck to them, as the social entrepreneurship waves continues to gather momentum across the globe.


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