ECO Cycle – automated underground bicycle parking in Japan

ECO Cycle – automated underground bicycle parking in Japan

eco cycle

A bicycle parking system with compact design that is friendly to both humans and the environment.

As bicycles continue to grow as one of our preferred vehicles, some things are still left unsolved. we usually find them crowding the public space, spoiling its surroundings and exposing them to robbery or damage because of the weather. With this in mind, ECO Cycle was launched in 2013 as an automated mechanical underground parking facility. Created by Giken, today there are over 50 parking stations in Japan and a global expansion is on its way.

The ECO Cycle can be installed in extremely small spaces thanks to Giken’s unique press-in technology, making it a powerful option in urban districts where it is difficult to acquire land. Aside from the entrance/exit booths, the rest of the ECO Cycle structure is underground and it is completely computer-controlled automated. Surveillance sensors make sure the bikes are safe, eliminating theft through the use of a personal tag or card, making it easy for anyone to use.

The average storage and retrieval time is only 13 seconds, making it ideal for our fast-paced cities. To do so, you just simply have to push the bicycle forward to the front of the entrance door. The front wheel shutter opens, activated by the IC tag attached to the bike. Push it forward and insert the front wheel into the slot. After it has been inserted, it is then clamped and fixed. after that you step clear from the mat, press the ‘drop-off start’ button and the operation will be completed by the machines.

ECO Cycle not only saves public space and secures your bike underground, but it is also said to be earthquake resistant.

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