From Babies With Love

Organic Baby Clothes that Support Orphaned Babies.

Buying gorgeous clothes for a beautiful baby is one of life’s pleasures. However, too many babies in the world have no one to give them clothes, or anything else. So at From Babies with Love, they do things differently. Every penny of profit from its unique, ethically sourced designs goes to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. In safe, happy places, vulnerable children can grow up in a loving family. So with every piece of clothing that you buy, you are too.

Through its charity, the From Babies with Love Foundation, your purchases support orphaned and abandoned children around the world. These children have lost their parents through war, famine, disease or poverty. The charities they partner with help children who have nobody to turn to. They provide family homes, education, healthcare and support to overcome trauma.

This enables children who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves, on the streets or in slums, to have a second chance in life. The children’s circumstances are not their fault, and by being loved, cared for and educated, they go on to lead independent lives, breaking the cycle of poverty.

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