From Chicago Regional Summit Health Seminar to Guadalajara OECD World Forum

From Chicago Regional Summit Health Seminar to Guadalajara OECD World Forum


i-genius was recently in Chicago for its regional summit seminar as part our Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (GCHW) project. The GCHW and the Health Enhancement Research Organisation (HERO) played host to the successful global seminar, which focused on key health and productivity challenges and examples of good practices applied on a global scale.

The opening session highlighted the latest well-being and workplace health trends and featured Doug Stover from Gallup as well as Barry Hall (Buck Consultants) and Wolf Kirsten (Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces). Stephen Bevan from the Work Foundation gave an excellent account of what does (and does not) make for a healthy workplace drawing from examples within the UK. Ron Joines, Global Medical Director at GSK, provided an enlightening case study of his company’s healthy workplace programme.

The seminar concluded with an interactive panel discussing the challenges of developing global metrics featuring Wayne Burton from American Express, Howard Kraft from Mercer and Zorianna Hyworon from Infotech.

Presentations from our Chicago Seminar are now available: Click here!


i-genius also traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico as part of its Web-COSI project on data and statistics beyond GDP.


The Web-COSI team attended the 5th OECD World Forum on the 13-15 October 2015 and hosted an exhibition stand for attendees to find out more about the project, a spotlight talk (by Tommy Hutchinson on ‘Statistics for Everyone’), as well as hosted a panel discussion session on ‘opening up well-being statistics to new audiences: opportunities and challenges’. This session also included the presentation of the prize for the Web-COSI data visualisation competition and its winners.


Livestreaming video of the 5th OECD World Forum is available via the ‘video’ tab on its website: – Web-COSI’s video panel session is titled ‘Lunchtime Panel’ under October 14th.


For photos: click here!


For Tommy Hutchinson’s Spotlight presentation: click here!


To find out more about Web-COSI visit:


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