Get Involved! European Union Project ‘Web-COSI’

Get Involved! European Union Project ‘Web-COSI’


Statistics beyond GDP – Statistics for Everyone

Web-COSI is an EU project delivered by Istat, OECD, Lunaria and i-genius, which seeks to improve the way society engages with statistics beyond GDP – ‘statistics for everyone’.

Last year i-genius created the official Web-COSI website and brochure and this year will be digging into the sexy relationship social entrepreneurs have with data and statistics.

Specifically, i-genius will be focusing on how social entrepreneurs use data to:

1. Get started, e.g. assess social needs

2. Forster their ventures, e.g. raise finance

3. Evaluate and measure impact

4. Better understand and communicate the overall phenomenon of social entrepreneurship

This feature of the project will kick off with i-genius organising a working group in London (February 19th), four focus groups around Europe, a report, film, and concluding with a conference at the OECD, Paris in December.

How you can be involved:

1. Visit and use the data mapping website:

2. Join and engage via the Web-COSI Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn channels.

3. Sign up to Web-COSI newsletters

4. Offer your expertise if you are engaging with statistics in an interesting way

5. Request an invitation to one or more of our events (limited places)


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