i-genius EU Advisory Service

i-genius EU Advisory Service

Now the first chapter of Brexit has been completed and the UK has legally left the European Union, the real work now begins in determining what a future trading relationship will look like. The implications will be profound for every sector of the economy and relevant not only to the UK and EU 27 member states, but to international businesses around the world.

With a track record working in 41 countries, i-genius has a number of services to support socially responsible innovative businesses plan for the future. These are:

+ EU Advisory Service

+ Brexit Scenario Planning see reports on higher education

+ Base Europesee relocation reports on Paris and Bergamo (more to follow)

Please also view the rich content available on i-genius’ European Commission Horizon 2020 programme,’ ‘Web-COSI‘, delivered in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Italian National Statistics Bureau (ISTAT), and Lunaria

To assist you with your strategic planning, please contact team@i-genius.org


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