JumpStart Academy Africa


Cultivating ethical leaders and entrepreneurs

In September 2013, two changemakers – Omotola Akinsola and Madelle Kangha, met at Watson University, an accelerator in Boulder, Colorado USA. What Madelle and Omotola quickly realized was that apart from the fact that they both aspire to someday lead their respective countries, they had the same theory of social change. They decided to work together for the common good and the result is Jumpstart Academy Africa.

JumpStart Academy Africa is a for impact social venture which seeks to address Africa’s human capital problem by cultivating ethical leaders and entrepreneurs through a world class Leadership and Entrepreneurship curriculum across institutions of learning.

The idea behind JumpStart Academy Africa is simple- using the principles of ethical leadership and entrepreneurship, students can learn the skills needed in today’s transformed and transformative world. Beyond acquiring skills, students receive training that enables them to innovate across different sectors – to be job creators as opposed to the old rhetoric of job seekers.

JumpStart Academy’s Adopt-A-School Program has 3 main components.

First, a 2 year Leadership and Entrepreneurship training enables students to cultivate 21st century skills, with an emphasis on employment opportunities, enterprise creation, community engagement and civic responsibility.

Second, JumpStart Academy offers mentoring in which students are paired with university students and professionals who guide them through the transition from secondary to tertiary education environments and support through the challenges they face in starting enterprises and community initiatives as well as in their personal lives.

Finally, tutoring sessions improve learning outcomes of students measured by performance at school and national examinations.

To find out more or get involved, visit: http://jsaafrica.org


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