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i-genius is launching a new initiative and we invite your participation.

Drawing from our experience in working in around 40 countries with esteemed organisations (see footnote) i-genius is creating a policy centre to support the development of social businesses and the wider social economy in the provision of:

1. Research/analysis publications

2. Briefings and dialogue events

3. Advice/guidance to stakeholders

4. Digital tools for enhanced communications

5. Advocacy to governments, institutions and opinion formers to improve understanding of important issues and the quality of public policy

‘i-genius Policy Centre’ will address a wide range of interests from political and economic trends to a host of environment and social matters. The early work plan of the new centre will address the following:

1. Support policy makers, investors, educational institutions and social businesses in developing policy and strategies to address the challenges facing the social economy in the UK and the European Union in aftermath of the referendum

2. Advocacy in the UK on the importance of preserving the EU Single Market, mobility of labour and access to decision-making structures and funds

3. Advocacy in the European Union on making funding more accessible to social businesses and SMEs

4. A government advisory service in developing policy models to support social entrepreneurship, social businesses and social economy in their country or region

5. Commission an investor study into the benefits to productivity and business value of healthy workplaces in conjunction with i-genius co-ownership of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (announced at its Global Alliance Roundtable, World Bank, 6th June)

6. Briefings on impact finance models for social businesses (i-genius has supported University of Northampton in becoming Europe’s first University to reach a Charity Bond ‘pledge to invest’ stage)

7. Report for policy makers and guidance for social entrepreneurs in better utilisation of data and statistics to further their ventures (following our successful work with European Union Horizon 2020 Web-COSI programme)

8. A new University based happiness and wellbeing app (with UK/German partners and EU project funding is under consideration)

9. Update to a previous ‘A risky business’ publication to stimulate greater understanding and better management of societal risks

10. Series of country specific and continental wide ‘opportunity, risk and challenge’ social economy intelligence briefings

11. Futuristic scenario roundtables to aid strategic planning in light of the many opportunities, challenges and crises that exist in today’s world (events planned in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the United States)

12. Series of media articles commencing with the beneficial affect vacation time has on productivity and wellbeing

i-genius Founder and CEO Tommy Hutchinson says “As a former political adviser to the NatWest Group and director of an industry forum with experience working in Westminster/Whitehall, Brussels, Washington DC, Geneva’s World Trade Organisation, and author of numerous articles/publications, I shall head up the new centre but wish to take this opportunity to invite others with expertise in a variety of areas to join us. The contribution of business leaders, economists, academics, students/post graduates and organisations or individuals with knowledge in specific areas is welcome.”

In our commitment to the on-going success of Europe, the new Centre will be based in a location permanently residing inside the European Union. We are considering suitable location with an announcement due in the coming months. We invite your views on this including proposals to host the Centre. (Expansion to other non-European locations will also be considered once the Centre is firmly established).

Full details and updates of our work will be available on and a new social media app specially designed for easy access and engagement will be available shortly.

We hope this announcement is of interest to you and invite your ideas and proposals for partnerships (email: The new Centre will operate in a spirit of openness, originality, creativity and above all, a determination to make an impact. Our mission is quite simple – to make life better for social businesses and the wider social economy to thrive in making the world a better place. Rarely, has this goal been more needed than now.

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Footnote – European Commission, OECD, Italian National Institute of Statistic (Istat), Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council, Brazil’s FESI : SESI, British Council, Channel 4, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and a variety of governments, corporations and universities

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