Shizensaibai Party – Natural Farming

Shizensaibai Party 自然栽培パーティー

Uniting farmers and linking agriculture with disabled employment.

“Shizen (nature) saibai (cultivation)” is a natural farming method which uses no pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Despite numerous reports about the risks of agricultural chemicals, Japan is one of the largest pesticide consuming nations. On the other hand, the crops grown by “Shizensaibai” (natural farming) method are safer and more secure than any other method. The Shinzensaiba method is also different from organic farming method, which uses organic fertilizer. It is natural from beginning to end, so the safeness by “Shizensaibai” method generates additional value in the market place. And of course tastes good.

“Shizensaibai” Party is a movement to spread “Shizensaibai” method to the workplaces for disabled people. The project was started in 2015, and now there are many members all over Japan.

Yasuto Saeki, the founder of “Shizensaibai” Party studied under Akinori Kimura, a leading expert of Shizensaibai method. (Mr. Kimura is the first person to succeed in growing apples without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.) When Yasuto found out that his triplets had a disability, he started trying to feed them more safer and secure food. After struggling to find the right food, he met Mr. Kimura and the farming method and decided to start farming using the “Shizensaibai” method.

Yasuto realized that appropriate tasks for disabled people (with a variety of challenges) were available in the “Shizensaibai” farming operation. Therefore, not only has he created an enjoyable working environment – its especially rewarding to work outside surrounded by nature for those with a mental illness – but his organisation also pays its disabled employees much more than they would get anywhere else in Japan.

In Japan, it is becoming social problem that abandoned farmland has been increased because agricultural workers are aging. Which also creates the problem of successor shortage. Shinzensaibai Party’s primary goal is to create worthy jobs for the disabled people through spreading the “Shizensaibai” natural farming method, but it can be possible to solve the issue of abandoned farmland by matching the workplaces for the disabled and with abandoned locations. Furthermore, people can enjoy food safety and security and protect nature’s environment by “Shizensaibai” method.

Over 50 welfare groups have joined Shizensaibai Party and its natural farming and social good movement. It is also the winner of the prestigious Yamato Welfare Foundation Ogura Prize Award. In the future the organisation hopes to create an even bigger network (both home and abroad) and help change government policy to ensure that natural farming (Shizensaibai) becomes mainstream practice.

“Shizensaibai” Party makes Japan healthy!

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