Social Enterprise: What’s love got to do with it?

Is love an essential requirement for a successful social enterprise? Or is it actually a by-product, the mechanism or even the result of one? 


If you had £1 million, how would you create the most love?

Intentionality’s newly expanded report, ‘Social Enterprise – What’s love got to do with it’, now not only explores the role that love has to play in social enterprises and in the creation of positive social impact, but also explores how social entrepreneurs would create the most love with £1 million.

In 2014, they interviewed eleven social entrepreneurs, commentators and supporters of social enterprise, to discover their thinking about love in the context of social enterprise. In 2015, Intentionality held a roundtable discussion with some more brilliant social entrepreneurs (including i-genius’ Tommy Hutchinson), social investors and social researchers.

You can download the expanded, updated report to find out what they learned about love as:

  • A motivator driving social entrepreneurship
  • An environment in which staff and customers can flourish
  • A business model that sets a social enterprise apart from other businesses
  • A differentiator, to be nurtured yet balanced with commercial viability

Our hypothesis is that it’s love that makes social enterprises want to make the biggest possible, positive difference to the well-being of individuals and communities.  Did our interviewees and findings agree with this?  What did the participants in our roundtable discussion suggest as the best way to spend £1 million to make the biggest positive difference to people’s lives?  Download the report to find out.

You can also check out a video summary of the ‘£1m of Love’ roundtable.

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