Combining citizen science with disruptive technology to eradicate single use plastic from our environment.

#PlasticPatrol is an international not-for-profit organisation tackling plastic pollution. They are ‘do-ers’ and with a passionate army of volunteers all over the world, supporting its mission, they are driving change towards a sustainable future that truly closes the loop on plastic pollution.

At #PlasticPatrol they combine community action with disruptive technology to gather important data for scientific research into plastic pollution. By crowdsourcing the distribution, type and quantity of plastic waste all over the world, through its cutting edge app, they are continuing to build a valuable evidence base to eradicate single use plastic and stop it from destroying our planet.

Want to be part of the #PlasticPatrol Tribe?
See it, Snap it, Share it. It’s as easy as that. Your contributions from all over the world are important for two reasons:

+ It helps to understand the location, type and quantity of plastic so they can better understand how to tackle it.

+ It gives a clear idea of where ‘grot spots’ are so they can take a more educated approach to mobilising #PlasticPatrol teams globally to help clear it up.

Over the last two years #PlasticPatrol have intercepted 189 tonnes of plastic waste from inland waterways before it reaches the oceans.  That is equivalent to the weight of 15 million water bottles! With your help they can continue to tackle the global plastic crisis from its source.

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