Tengri launches Crowdfunder campaign

Tengri launches Crowdfunder campaign


Yak knitwear brand also shortlisted for London and Paris Fashion Week 2015
Fashion Scout Panel

Tengri has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise £40,000 for its ethical fashion projects in the UK and Mongolia.

Hosted by the UK’s biggest rewards-based crowdfunding platform, the campaign will connect communities to spread the word about Tengri – an up-and-coming fashion brand and collective movement bringing together design, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice to do good.

The campaign runs until 16 December and supporters can pledge anything from £10. Tengri is offering a host of rewards to thank people for their support – ranging from handwritten Tengri postcards, to yak wool sweaters and cycling experiences in Mongolia.

London-based Tengri works collectively with yak herders in Mongolia as a ‘fairshare’ business – sourcing and purchasing 100% pure yak wool, which is as soft as cashmere and warmer than merino wool. The luxurious yak wool is then used to create bold knitwear pieces designed by Royal College of Art graduate Carlo Volpi, and crafted by local hand-knitters and manufacturers in Hawick, Scotland.

The launch comes in the same week that Tengri has been shortlisted to showcase its debut ‘Warrior’ collection for the London and Paris Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Scout panel – a huge achievement for a new fashion brand.

Tengri’s founder and i-genius member, Nancy Johnston, says: “I’m thrilled that Tengri has been shortlisted by Fashion Scout to showcase our debut collection at the 2015 London and Paris Fashion Week. It’s been an amazing journey for Tengri. From working directly with herders in Mongolia to source the wool, creating a fashion brand, designing and producing the collection in the UK – it’s an adventure.  It’s a great honour to represent a brand that stands for community spirit and collective action and I hope the support continues in our crowdfunding campaign.”

Tengri’s Crowdfunder campaign runs until 10am on 16 December, 2014.


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