The New Leaf Project

Make a meaningful impact for vulnerable people in your community. Be a part of our bold and proven movement.

In partnership with the University of British Columbia, Foundations for Social Change launched the world’s first direct cash transfer program to empower people to move beyond homelessness in Canada.

Specifically, its New Leaf Project (NLP) distributed a one-time cash transfer of $7,500 to people experiencing recent homelessness in the Vancouver area.

While many would balk at the thought of disbursing large sums of cash to people living in homelessness, NLP’s approach was based upon scientific evidence and its bold action has paid off. By preventing people from becoming entrenched as homeless, NLP helps individuals to maintain dignity and regain hope. At the same time, community resources can be spent in other urgent areas.

Cash transfers provide choice, control and purchasing power at a critical time in people’s lives. This is not merely a gesture of help, it is a signal that society believes in them.

Project participants have seen measurable improvements in their lives after receiving the cash transfer and NLP are passionate about expanding its work.

To learn more about the direct giving model, research and impact of the New Leaf Project visit:

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