Web-COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation – Web-COSI

Web-COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation – Web-COSI


Statistics for Everyone

i-genius is excited about its participation in a new European Union project called Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation (Web-COSI). The aim of Web-COSI is to improve the way social entrepreneurs and civil society engages with statistics, whether they be officially produced or are generated via community based organisations. Under the mantra ‘Statistics for Everyone’, Web-COSI will be exploring innovative ways to bring the production, promotion, access and engagement with statistics to life so that we can enjoy easier access to data and improve policy ‘beyond GDP’ in all kinds of areas from health, education, transport, combating poverty or making it easier to start your business. This two-year project is in partnership with the OECD, Istat and Lunaria.

Web-COSI is a grassroots project designed with communities in mind. You can be involved in a variety of ways from simply registering to receive updates and sharing the Web-COSI project amongst your networks to attending the events, or even offering to host one of the activities.

To register for receiving updates and invites to Web-COSI activities, click here!

To find out more about Web-COSI visit: http://www.webcosi.eu

From the viewpoint of social enterprise/social entrepreneurship, it is imperative that data needs to support the effectiveness of social entrepreneurship initiatives. At present there isn’t easily accessible data relevant for social enterprises to use or about social entrepreneurship activities. The problems that social entrepreneurs experience are (and not limited to the following):

+ Access to information, data
+ Access to tailored, relevant data
+ Relevant topics
+ Focus on data beyond GDP (for many social enterprises can not be simply measured by GDP alone, there are many other factors including well-being)
+ Geography, e.g. local, regional (this is where mobile apps and interactive web platforms could play a great role, as many social entrepreneurs work in remote areas)
+ Capacity to interpret data
+ Platform to share their own data
+ Ability to engage over their own and others’ data

Issues relating to data are:

+ Easy access to obtaining and sharing data
+ Community to engage with, e.g. interpretation
+ Trust and integrity of the data

With Web-COSI and its partners, i-genius hopes to better understand:

1. How social entrepreneurs utilise data at present
2. What sources social entrepreneurs access
3. What do social entrepreneurs need, e.g. access, focus, interpretation, sharing, engagement?
4. How Web-COSI would benefit social entrepreneurs
5. How social entrepreneurs would utilise Web-COSI’s proposed new tools
6. How would trust and integrity in data be assured
7. How could citizens data usage develop overtime with new technology development, etc.

We would welcome feedback from anybody who has any ideas or suggestions on the best method for social entrepreneurs to overcome the problems and issues outlined above. Please email: team@i-genius.org

To find out more about Web-COSI visit: http://www.webcosi.eu


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