Wheelys – Organic Bicycle Cafés

Wheelys – Organic Bicycle Cafés

The world’s fastest growing café chain. The future of mobile food vending.

Wheelys is a chain of organic cafés, enabling people (ALL people) to start their own café business, serving artisan coffee. Since launching in 2014, Wheelys has exploded over the world and currently operates cafés in more than 50 countries.

In late 2014, a group of friends gathered in a shady bar outside the wind torn city of Malmö to share a barrel of wine. They were quite disillusioned. In an act of lunacy they had just shut down their profitable, award-winning advertising agency. All they knew was that they wanted to change the course of the world. Having worked with some of the biggest brands, they knew better than most how powerful these brands had become. Was there a way to challenge them? The result was Wheelys. A Wheelys café costs from $4,999 to start, versus a Starbucks, which costs $500,000+. This allows a whole new group of people to open a café (you know, the 99% of the population who can’t afford $500,000).

Wheelys serve organic, vegan food from cafés that run on energy from your body and the sun.

To find out more visit: https://wheelyscafe.com

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