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Founded in Cincinnati, OH, La Terza’s original mission was to provide coffee shops, restaurants and markets with phenomenal coffee, from beans that were sustainably sourced, fairly traded and delivered fresh to their customers the day they were roasted. The more accounts La Terza served, the more they began to see a trend in the missions of their clients: to create places that fostered community.

La Terza has long believed that current society has lost the art of dialogue, and that coffee shops and cafes are one of the remaining pillars for human connection. Based on this conviction, their key purpose began to evolve: La Terza still roasts and delivers phenomenal coffee, but they now also work hard to support 60 different coffee wholesale partners, helping them thrive sustainably and continue fostering community in their spaces.

As a part of this initiative, La Terza aims to teach each of their accounts how to run healthy, sustainable businesses. This business support enables their clients to focus on encouraging human connection in their communities, while creating fair and equitable work conditions for their own employees. Through this sharing of ethical practices, La Terza hopes to ensure that the hands that grow the beans and the hands that brew the final pot of coffee are all compensated fairly.

Additionally, La Terza developed a Coffee Accelerator Course to continue creating more community spaces. This curriculum is for anyone interested in opening a coffee shop or learning more about their existing cafe. It teaches owners the business basics like accounting practices, the legalities of opening a coffee shop and how to develop your own differentiators in the coffee industry.

Furthermore, La Terza is committed to making their own practices as sustainable as possible, by incorporating social enterprise into every facet of their business. Through the way they source their coffee to the companies they use for ordering teas, apparel and office supplies, they strongly believe that it all matters. La Terza believes that since small businesses are a huge part of the economy, if they all made an effort to consider the social impact of their operations, change could be made on a global scale. Ultimately, La Terza is working hard to see a market where buzzwords like “socially-conscious” and “ethical” aren’t unique at all. They are working towards a new normal, through every account served, business supported and cup of coffee brewed.

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