2014 Opportunity Pakistan Update

2014 Opportunity Pakistan Update

Pakistan Butterfly

Commission on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We would like to update you about our ongoing work in Pakistan and highlight areas you may wish to be involved.

Following the successful i-genius Commission on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we have with the support of The Loop Global, hosted a series of briefings on the resulting report in Lahore, Islamabad, Bradford, Manchester and London. Our thanks to all the organisations who kindly helped us. You can view the report here and the short video of the Commission’s journey here.

We are currently preparing for a follow-up conference in Lahore, 6-7 November, at the University of Central Punjab, which will focus on the key challenges in developing the social economy of Pakistan, namely; business education, expanding into new markets, and investment for social entrepreneurs and innovators. Specifically, the 2014 Opportunity Pakistan Conference seeks to:

1. Provide follow-up to the 2013 Commission focusing on the development of social business education, market development and impact investment

2. Create an international gathering to showcase Pakistan’s potential as a regional hub for social entrepreneurship and innovation

3. Identify and promote talented social entrepreneurs in Pakistan

4. Help build a consensus on areas of future development

i-genius is exploring the creation of a new impact fund and we hope to be able to present our plans during the conference along with a new policy paper.

We would like to invite you to join us in Lahore, the agenda and invitation will follow in September.

If you would be interested in sponsoring the conference or wish to speak with us about any of our Opportunity Pakistan or other initiatives, please get in touch: team@i-genius.org


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