A Whole New Different Way To Do Marketing Is “SAVVY”

A Whole New Different Way To Do Marketing Is “SAVVY”


Savvy- Marketing For Good aims to grow social ventures and boost their positive impact by creating, implementing and measuring marketing activities

Surrounded by friends, clients, mentors and supporters, Savvy I Marketing for Good officially launched earlier this month in San Francisco, CA. The event was held in Antología Vinoteca, a small winery in the heart of the city, where the company presented a whole new different way of doing marketing.

The Co Founders from three different countries, i-genius member Diana Sánchez (Mexico), Isabel Almeida e Brito (Portugal) and  Hilda Pérez (USA) talked about how Savvy  aims to use marketing strategies and metrics to help ventures with a social or environmental mission increase their revenue and maximize their impact.


During the presentation, they also explained Savvy’s philosophy, through which the company creates, implements and measure their strategies: “Marketing is a powerful tool. When used for good, it can shift mindsets, create movements and be a platform to drive change.”

Savvy believes that marketing should not be used just to tell people the good things that a company is doing, but it should apply its tools to multiply that good. To do this they follow their own 4p’s of marketing: People, Profit, Purpose and Planet. This model will allow the company to focus on it’s mission and be part of the change.

Find our more about Savvy by visiting: http://savvymkt.com


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