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Altruisto is a not-for-profit initiative that donates its surplus profits to Against Malaria Foundation, Schisotomasis Control Initiative, and GiveDirectly. When you shop online, a portion of the money you pay goes to selected charities. The price for you does not change. The charity donation is fully covered by the shop. The Altruisto project is managed by Well-Managed World C.I.C. a community interest company based in Rotherham, United Kingdom.

How it works

1. You install the web-browser extension.
2. When you visit one of Altruisto’s partners’ stores online, you can start raising money.
3. You buy something, and they donate to charities.
4. Charities distribute money to people in need.

The charities have been recommended by, an organization that does in-depth research into how well charities do what they are supposed to do and chooses the best ones. As a result, the charities Altruisto support are exceptional at improving the lives of people living in extreme poverty. And you don’t have to spend your time verifying if the charity you want to support is good, does their job well, doesn’t pay ridiculous salaries to the founders, etc.

Selected charities are evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded. Because of all that you can be sure that the money they receive from your online shopping is used to do as much good as possible. Also, because the charities are so efficient with their funds, every small purchase in Altruisto’s partners’ shops makes a difference.

To find out more and to install the web-browser extension (currently only available on Google Chrome) visit:

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