Avani – Eco Friendly Bags from Bali

Avani – Eco Friendly Bags from Bali


Sustainable and disposable packaging made from plants.

Avani is social enterprise based in Bali, Indonesia, the epicenter of the battle against plastic waste. Assumed by most as a tropical island paradise with pristine white sand beaches, the truth is that Bali’s beaches are now often saturated with rubbish and debris, and the majority of this rubbish is plastic. Avani aim to help rehabilitate the island by offering sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to hazardous products that locals and tourists use every day.

Vision: To become the nation’s leading pioneer in sustainable alternatives by providing our stakeholders present beneficial values while leaving impactful footprints for future generations

Mission: To educate, support and collaborate with stakeholders in doing something right away as an effort to create a greener world for both present and future generations through our products and services

Avani Bags: Avani has come up with a line of fully biodegradable food products, including takeaway containers, cutlery, straws, and coffee cups, as well as shopping bags and rain ponchos. Shopping bags are one of the worst culprits when it comes to plastic pollution. More than one million plastic bags are used worldwide each minute and these require hundreds of years to break down, which really means just breaking up into miniscule pieces that will eventually be eaten by animals – with an estimated one million animals die each year from eating plastic bags.

Avani’s bags are made from cassava root starch and other natural resins, using no petroleum products. They biodegrade fully within 3 to 6 months, depending on soil conditions, converting naturally into carbon dioxide and biomass, with no toxic residue. This process can be hurried by dissolving in hot water, softening in cold water, and burning to leave a small amount of ash.

The bags are safe for insects and animals to eat, both terrestrial and marine, and apparently they’re tasty, too. When dissolved in hot water, Avani claims they’re even safe for humans to drink.

Find out more about Avani’s products here: www.avanieco.com

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    Im keen to look at bringing these bags to the UK.
    Does anyone have an email for Avani Eco? I can’t find one online.
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    Jerome here from Environmental Sciences limited in Trinidad west indies.

    i will like to speak with you also about you plans for joint venture manufacturing for this region in the Caribbean.

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    Rohit Ranjan here from Avatar Enterprises in Patna, Bihar, India.

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