Buddy Bench – Positive Mental Health for Children and Young People

Buddy Bench is Ireland’s first award winning evidence based children’s mental health initiative for schools.

The best children’s mental health strategy is one that prevents issues from arising in the first place. Early intervention is central to the Buddy Bench approach. Buddy Bench Ireland wants to share practical advice and guidance providing students, schools and parents with information and strategies on social emotional skills. It can be helpful to learn skills from the science of positive psychology to assist children to cope with these challenges in preparation for life.

Buddy Bench is a school based positive children’s mental health program that empowers them to foster friendships and eliminate loneliness. The social enterprise teaches children to recognise and respond to their own feelings – different emotions feel different on the inside, physically. If you can identify your feelings and are aware of them you can make choices of how to appropriately respond to them.

Buddy Bench’s vision is a future where each child is supported to thrive throughout their school years in a community that priorities children’s mental health.

For more information visit: https://www.buddybench.ie/

Image copyright to Buddy Bench Ireland.

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