Community Dental Services

Improving Oral Health in Ever More Communities.

Community Dental Services is an employee owned social enterprise and Community Interest Company formed in 2011 delivering clinical dental and Oral Health Promotion services throughout Bedfordshire, Luton, Suffolk, Thetford, Norfolk, Waveney, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Essex and Lincolnshire.

The social enterprise combines a public service ethos with the innovation and dynamism of a business and emerged with a vision and a belief that being a competitive, well-run and profitable business is the best way of achieving social aims. As a social enterprise they are a business that trades for a social purpose.

Community Dental Services have a clear sense of our social mission which is ‘Improving Oral Health in Ever More Communities’ and they know what difference they are trying to make, who they aim to help, and how they plan to do it.

The social enterprise makes it income through delivering dental care and oral health promotion. Its services are predominantly commissioned by either NHS England and Local Authorities to deliver NHS dental care and oral health promotion advice to a wide range of people across a diverse range of communities. They also offer some privately paid for dental treatments and have a growing ‘Dentist at Home’ mobile service where they offer paid for dental care and home visits to people who find it difficult to travel or to visit a High Street dentist.

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