Dreams for Kids Social Enterprises

Replacing Charity with Opportunity. 

Dreams for Kids trains and mentors youth as social entrepreneurs, providing practical education, real world training and contemporary job skills as they create enterprises that provide solutions to society’s critical social issues. Its Dreams For Kids Social Entrepreneurship Program is a 13 lesson curriculum delivered to students, grades 10-11, in school and after school. In week 12, students can create and manage an enterprise that brings social change.

Entrepreneurship Leadership: Throughout the social entrepreneurship lessons, students begin to explore the real-world context, and relevance of essential entrepreneurial skills and they do this autonomously, collaboratively, and in partnership with a vast array of professionals. The YES program teaches and exemplifies an entrepreneurial mindset, providing the necessary preparation for the new economy, and the complex demands of 21st Century global citizenship.

Social Enterprises: With the guidance of mentors from the workforce community, students channel their learning into the creation of social impact enterprises; to apply business principles to ventures that drive profit and solve critical social issues.  Although the students will certainly be inspired to launch their social impact ventures, the work required to build sustainable ventures extends beyond the scope of this initial course. Thus the final project in this course is to Pitch a business venture to potential investors/funders, amplifiers, and collaborators.

To find out more visit: https://dreamsforkids.org

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