Energy Floors

Converting energy from your movement to electrical power.

Energy Floors is a dynamic, impact driven company based in Rotterdam. With its energy generating floors they raise awareness on renewable energy in an interactive and fun way.

The company’s journey started in 2008, when it opened the first sustainable dance club in the world: Club WATT. This club in Rotterdam originated in the idea of integrating a sustainable vision – People, Planet, Party – into a club. It also helped meet the city of Rotterdam’s targets to cut CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025. To reduce the club’s carbon footprint, Energy Floors developed several sustainable club solutions, such as the energy generating Sustainable Dance Floor, which was installed in Club WATT.

Club WATT was a hit, but the Sustainable Dance Floor exceeded all expectations. The company started renting it to events, festivals, trade fairs and exhibitions worldwide. In 2014 Energy Floors added the Sustainable Energy Floor to its product portfolio, the world’s most efficient energy converting pedestrian floor. The Netherlands company rent and sell its floors to a growing list of respected clients like creative agencies, corporates, governmental organizations, educational institutions, architects and public transport companies.

Energy Floors believe consciousness about energy and the impact we all have on it are the main conditions to create a sustainable world. Its goal is to raise awareness on energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive and fun and relating it to human scale.

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