GiveMeTap – More than a Bottle

GiveMeTap – More than a Bottle

One small purchase. One massive difference.

GiveMeTap is a social enterprise born and raised in the UK. Its mission is to make clean drinking water available to everyone, everywhere. Every bottle purchased gives 5 years of clean drinking water to someone in Africa.

Its bottles are super lightweight and durable, it won’t break and contains no BPA or any other potentially harmful substances. What’s more, you can keep your bottle full of water using its Water Network, which is an ever-growing group of cafes and restaurants who will fill your GiveMeTap bottle for free. Yes. Free. Bye bottled water.

GiveMeTap give 20% of its revenue to fund water projects in Africa. That ends up being much more than giving 100% of its profits. So far (as of Oct 2017), this is what GiveMeTap and its customers have achieved together:

• £114,070 donated to fund water pumps

• 23,363 people with clean water for life

• 45.1 million fewer plastic bottles in UK and USA

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Photograph copyright to GiveMeTap

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