i-genius Launches Base Europe with Paris Business Review

i-genius Launches Base Europe with Paris Business Review

Quality cities for business expansion, investment and trade.

i-genius has launched its new programme Base Europe and the first of its many business reviews, starting with Paris. Base Europe provides reviews and analysis on great cities for establishing or expanding a business. It is suitable for entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, and exporters. It should also benefit governments and city planners wishing to make their city more sustainable and business friendly.

Base Europe…

1. Assists businesses in sourcing the right locations to grow
2. Inspires civic leaders to improve the attractiveness of their city for business generation
3. Stimulates LIFE in local communities through jobs, investment, diversity and greater equality

Base Europe benefits:

1. Entrepreneurs exploring where best to locate their operations, identify partners or develop trading opportunities

2. Investors and financiers in channelling their funds

3. Property developers to attract customers and expand their portfolio

4. Civic leaders and planners seeking fresh ideas to make their locations more attractive to entrepreneurs and investors

5. Governments, academics and researchers seeking to better understand what drives sustainable local economies

Visit Base Europe Website: https://www.baseeurope.org

Read Paris Business Review: https://www.baseeurope.org/paris-business-review

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