InternsGoPro – A Social Entreprise for Change!

InternsGoPro – A Social Entreprise for Change!

InternsGoPro is a network of youth-led organisations whose mission is to promote a new standard for internships that truly help students and graduates develop skills and get a job.
They help youth to identify the best professional opportunities with :
  1. online ratings of internship programmes;
  2. a transparent label controlled by our network of youth organisations.
Advocacy campaigns for youth labour rights are also at the heart of InternsGoPro. Every year they organise the European Interns’ Day to:
  1. Raise awareness about interns’ precarious conditions in Europe;
  2. Call for new solutions to boost youth employment through internships with fair remuneration and quality training;
  3. Support the 1st European Label for Quality Internships.

To find out more about InternsGoPro visit:


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