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12 years — That’s all the time humanity has left to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, as the recent IPCC report makes clear. In the length of a dog’s life, we could be sealing our fate to face more than 2 degrees of warming, and Asia will bear the brunt of the devastation.

But it’s not time to give up—we can still stop this. If we are going to avoid climate catastrophe and build a sustainable future, we have to slash our emissions by 45% before 2030.

To do that, we need to speed up the shift to clean energy; we need to get smart with the way we create and consume; we need a circular economy. Most of all, we need your boldest, game-changing solutions to bend the trajectory of human development away from runaway climate change.

Are you up to the challenge?

From 10 January to 5 April 2019, The Liveability Challenge are accepting entries that address energy and circular economy issues in tropical cities. All solutions submitted to The Liveability Challenge must have proof of concept and be applicable to tropical urban centres.

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