My Social Business Model (MySBM)

My Social Business Model (MySBM)


a free online tool to help social entrepreneurs formalize their social ideas and structure a fully developed business model.

Are you seeking to make the world a better place? Not knowing how to turn an idea into a business model should never be the reason a project fails. This is why My Social Business Model (MySBM) was created. MySBM is a free online tool with a set of questions, which take users through the thought process required to create a successful business model. It takes an educational and collaborative approach to building business models for social projects.

Give your project a solid framework to make your social project a real success!

Your MySBM business model is structured around a visual canvas. This canvas is developed around the following 8 sections:

  1. Social challenge
    Understand the social problem and the stakeholders you are targeting.
  2. Shared value
    Identify your value proposition in addressing not only the beneficiaries of your service, but also the entire ecosystem your project will be building and joining (partners, local communities, employees, etc).
  3. Catalysts
    Characterize the elements that will facilitate the development of your project. Emphasis is put on governance, social acceptability, and the usability of your project.
  4. Solvability
    Identify the sources of revenue or financing for your project as well as channels of distribution.
  5. Key competencies
    Identify the key skills that you posses or you should look for to meet the needs of your project.
  6. Financial stability
    Reinforce the financial foundation of your project as it grows over time.
  7. Impact
    Identify and qualify your impact on a social, environmental and economic level as well as territorial or cultural level.
  8. Scaling
    Explore different routes available to heighten the impact of your project and increase the diffusion of this impact to other locations or groups through communities of practice, interest or influence.

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