Report on Social Entrepreneur Focus Groups

Four EU locations to gain a sample perspective on how data can be best utilised in their locality.

The focus groups took place in Vilnius, Riga, Amsterdam and Ljubljana. They played an important part of the Web-COSI project and complimented previous activities on social entrepreneurship which included a workshop in London, a policy seminar in Brussels, report and mapping exercise with survey, along with a animation video in the run up to the final conference in Paris. This series of focus groups explored areas such as: i) the access to data ii) how different types of data are utilised for social ventures iii) trust and security issues.

Seeking to comprehend the use of data and statistics by social entrepreneurs and more specifically to catch the local experience these businesses are confronted with. During the focus groups, i-genius sought to raise specific issues, some of which arose from the survey, to get specific insights about social entrepreneurs’ experience in the field of data analyses and collection.  Particular attention was devoted to how social entrepreneurs utilised data in the key areas around: i) starting their business, ii) fostering their on-going venture, iii) measuring their impact. It evaluated usage of different types of data for example governmental or official data and commercial or citizen’s data. This usage covered all aspects including collection, storage, manipulation and communication of data and statistics.

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Our Web-COSI project received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 610422.


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