Scenario Planning for Brexit

Brexit is causing enormous uncertainty with businesses unsure how best to prepare against the numerous possible outcomes. Almost every aspect of business life has been affected and the challenges are likely to increase if the UK proceeds to the transition phase after the March 29th deadline or any extension to it. This confusion affects businesses of all sizes leading many to alter their investment plans or even relocate operations outside the UK.

i-genius’ European Union Advisory Service provides a scenario planning consultancy tailored to support businesses prepare for whatever eventualities may come.

The EU Advisory Service covers:

1. Better understanding of the routes Brexit may take and its affect on areas such as the single market, customs union, freedom of movement, regulations, EU programmes and trade agreements

2. Implications for specific sectors

3. How it will affect your particular business

4. Production of plans to secure operations in the European Union, including identifying suitable locations (if required)

5. Opportunities that exist to obtain EU funding and boost trade

6. Citizenship and residency options for personnel

This service is available to organisations in the UK, throughout Europe, and worldwide. It also takes account of relevant EU policies such as GDPR, and non-EU factors like the trade dispute between the US and China. Relevant links: EU Advisory Service and Base Europe.

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