A Dream A Day IN TOKYO


Creating lifetime memories for terminally ill children.

A Dream A Day IN TOKYO is a NPO established in 2007 that provides support for children with incurable diseases and their families in creating fun memories in the ultra cool city of Tokyo. The NPO welcomes over 10 families to visit Tokyo every year and supports their trip (with the support of doctors, a Tokyo based guesthouse and meticulous planning, which takes around six months) by offering a cost-free week of fun where they can forget their daily struggles and allow the children to find the will to live and provide some relief from despondency and anguish for their families.

Over 150,000 children suffer from serious illnesses in Japan and many of them fight for their lives every day. These children dream of playing with friends or taking a trip, but often or not these dreams never come true. Their young parents also face huge psychological and economic hardship. A Dream A Day IN TOKYO has set a high value on supporting children who cannot walk by themselves and whom other similar NPOs declined to accept.

One of the future plans for A Dream A Day IN TOKYO is to expand their services to children and families throughout Asia.

For information and to find out how you can support this organisation visit: http://guesthouse.or.jp/english/

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Note. i-genius recently visited Tokyo, Japan to meet with local social entrepreneurs and professionals.

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