The PLENTI Project


The PLENTI Project endeavours to bring skills to the Adivasi people of India.

The PLENTI Project (which derives from Purpose, Learning, Engagement, Nature and Travel in India, all of which are key words for the project!) are inviting expressions of interest. They are looking for people who may be retired or heading towards retirement, with a little more time on their hands, who might like to spend a month or so in India in the winter months, partly just enjoying the place, but also having a rewarding time, bringing some of their skills and experiences to a family of charities and the people they serve. These are the community of 25,000 ‘adivasis’ from four tribes, who have forever lived in the forests of the beautiful Nilgiri Hills in South India.

PLENTI Project is a pioneering opportunity to participate in a new social enterprise in South India which aims to bring mutual benefit to both the local tribal people and visiting volunteers.

If you would like to hear from some of the people involved, please listen in to this BBC Radio 4 documentary – Our Own Marigold Hotel

To find out more about the project and the people behind it visit:

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