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Ecoalsur are a culturally diverse group of entrepreneurs, travelers, writers and technologists who want to inspire people to travel in an eco-friendly way. The team strongly believe that business is a force for good and that its venture can be developed while caring for the people and the planet. With this in mind, Ecoalsur create green travel App guides for mobile devices so you can visit Latin America & Africa leaving a positive footprint.

In addition, each destination you purchase brings clean drinking water to people in need under the Water For All project initiative! Ecoalsur invest 20% of each destination you purchase to fund water programs in the Gran Chaco Americano. The Gran Chaco is a biogeographic region located in the center of the South American continent and shared by Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and a small portion of Brazil. The population with unmet basic needs in this region is around 47% of its total population and the main problem is that water sources fail to provide the basic needs for hydration, food production and sanitation.

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