Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen

February 10, 2014

Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen

Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen

Helping People To Access Good Food Sustainably

The Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen is a pioneering eco-community kitchen in Hackney, East London. Nestled underneath not-for-profit health food shop Food For All, they teach vital food growing, cooking and composting skills that are good for people and planet. Both the shop and kitchen are a project of UK charity AMURT UK.

In its classes Made In Hackney draw people’s attention to the much overlooked reality of, ‘Without a healthy planet, how can we be healthy people?’ They therefore teach people in fun and inspiring ways healthy eating and lifestyle skills alongside environmental best practice. This means:

  • All class recipes use local, seasonal, organic, plant based ingredients
  • All food waste is composted and taken to a local community garden
  • All cleaning products are homemade and non-toxic
  • Vegetables are sourced from a local, organic, vegetable box scheme
  • People are taught how to bake and make desserts without refined sugar
  • People open eyes to food issues – Fairtrade, Food Miles, Animal Welfare
  • The kitchen is an eco-kitchen with fixtures made from reclaimed and recycled materials including a counter made of melted plastic coffee cups

Made In Hackney have launched a crowd fundraising campaign. Donations will enable them to continue its vital work. The results of which will be:

  • Healthier, happier people
  • More environmentally sustainable food practices adopted
  • More opportunities for people learn local food skills
  • More people with food growing, cooking and composting skills
  • More people making healthy, sustainable food choices
  • More support to local, organic food growers
  • Training other kitchen collectives to set up similar initiatives

For more information visit the below websites:

Crowd Funding website:

Made In Hackney website:


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