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Naturally Tribal

Naturally Tribal Skincare Ltd is a chemical-free skincare brand, using only Mother Nature’s gifts to create natural skincare products for the whole family. The company imports personally selected natural ingredients from Africa for research, testing and manufacture in the UK for global distribution and export. They strongly believe they are hitting the market at just the right time when ‘less is more’ in terms of quality ingredients in the consumer and cosmetics industries.

Key to the Naturally Tribal story is its collaboration with the Shea Butter producers of Nigeria’s Essan Kingdom. Having seen her son suffering from eczema, founder Shalom Lloyd looked to her African heritage for a way to help manage her son’s skin condition, finding it in an old family skincare recipe from Nigeria. The company has never looked back, turning this mutually beneficial relationship with the community of Essan into a successful commercial set of products.

Naturally Tribal’s belief in ‘Trade not aid’

Despite receiving billions in aid for several decades, Africa has not achieved the levels of economic self-determination needed to enable it to deal with its own poverty, disease and chronic dependency. Naturally Tribal believe that the aid development model being used in Africa is not working. African nations are rich with natural resources and development potential – what they need is trade.

There is a well-known proverb that the company truly believe in – “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Nautrally Tribal collaborate with the women of Essan by sourcing its ingredients from their community in an ethical and sustainable manner, providing the infrastructure needed to ensure quality, and the training that will help them progress.

When we talk about ‘no take without give’, ‘win-win’ and ‘friendly trading’ – trade not aid is precisely what is meant by Naturally Tribal. So that their customers can see the positive impact of their purchase, the team provide regular Essan updates.

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Naturally Tribal are Export Champions of our CommonwealthFirst SME programme in supporting UK SMEs to trade and export in Commonwealth markets. View their CWF Profile here:

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