Opportunity Pakistan Roadshow Briefings

Opportunity Pakistan Roadshow Briefings


Bradford & Manchester, 30th April – 1st May

i-genius with the aid of Loop Global Management launched the first of a number of briefings based on the findings of the Opportunity Pakistan Commission. The Commission, convened by i-genius, comprised of 15 members from UK, Italy, Australia and Pakistan, visited Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Punjab to ascertain the opportunities and challenges facing the development of social entrepreneurship and innovation.

The report outlines findings from the Commission in the form of a series of practical proposals to stimulate further change relevant to both urban and rural society in Pakistan, namely:

• Government – A cross-departmental seminar hosted by the Ministry of Planning and Development to explore the role of public policy.
• Finance – A new social investment fund and a network to support crowd funding initiatives.
• Supporting Talent – An online Pakistani network of social entrepreneurs, a database of social businesses and support for incubators to enhance scalability.
• Market Access – An online market place for social products and services.
• Education/Training – Promote the sharing of content and academic/student exchange.
• Diaspora – Encourage initiatives to engage with and mobilise the Pakistani Diaspora.
• Ethics – A space for the exploration of ethical business initiatives and transparent governance.
• International Perceptions – A road show based on the report and the promotion of technology, arts and creative industries.
• Youth – A community social media campaign to promote a more accurate portrayal of the vibrancy of Pakistan.
• Recognition – A social entrepreneur and innovators awards programme to commence in 2014.
• Replication – An online platform highlighting successful Pakistani models.

The guide for all stakeholders who desire a prosperous and inclusive economy should be to make easier the journey of those who desire to improve their country. The report describes how Pakistan has considerable untapped potential amongst all sections of society which need to be recognised and supported. Even with the social, environmental and economic complexities facing Pakistani entrepreneurs – social or otherwise – the report describes Pakistan as a high growth region for astute investors.

The inaugural report briefing was hosted in Bradford by QED and Chaired by Dr. Mohammed Ali OBE who was also a Commissioner on the i-genius tour to Pakistan in September 2013. Representatives from the public, private and civil society convened to discuss how they could embrace recommendations made by the report. Engaging with UK Diaspora to encourage social impact philanthropy, leveraging networks to build stronger ties with Pakistan to help social entrepreneurs and tackling disproportionately negative media reports about the country featured heavily during discussions.

A second briefing was held on 1 April 2014 at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, hosted by the Consulate General of Pakistan. In attendance was the Lord Mayor Naeem ul-Hassan who commented on the importance of gathering like-minded individuals able to implement findings laid out in the report.

Further briefing events are to be held in the UK in London, Cambridge and Oxford.

To view Pakistan Roadshow photos click here!

If you have any questions in relation to Opportunity Pakistan report and roadshow please contact Shivang Patel, Commission Director: shivang@i-genius.org


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