Solar Nano-Grids

Solar Nano Grids

Bringing clean electricity to communities in Emerging Markets and African countries.


Solar Nano-Grids or SONGs provide basic energy services, at competitive costs, and the system architecture is modular, so is easily extended over time in keeping with growing user aspirations and needs. New photovoltaic (PV) panels can be installed and the existing nano-grids can be interconnected to form a more powerful system or can be connected to other new grids.

A SONG system of between 3 to 5kW is a very effective solution for both a community and a group of individual households clustered together, to meet both individual household needs and for providing energy for small-scale economic activities and micro-enterprises, furthermore the SONG approach also provides capacity building and technical support in the solar-hub community.

INTASAVE Energy believes SONGs offer a rapidly scalable solution to rural electrification in developing countries, based on experience and track record implementing SONGs in Kenya and Bangladesh, and extensive research and development conducted in coordination with international energy for development partners including experts and engineers from University of Oxford, University of Loughborough, Grameen Shakti  and United International University in Bangladesh.

Many villages in Sub-Saharan Africa are in remote areas with small independent communities of around 50-1000 houses in reasonably close proximity. The SONGs supply a group/community of users as well as individual households (each hub with a radius of circa 800m), whereas a SHS is a standalone system supplying a fixed amount of energy to just a single consumer household.

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