The Beautiful Store in Korea

A chain of charity shops promoting recycling and sharing.

The BeautifulStore Foundation is the brand name of a chain of social enterprise shops that promote recycling and sharing in Korea. Starting with a store in Anguk, Seoul in 2002, The BeautifulStore Foundation has seen almost 120 more stores open in 16 cities across Korea, and two shops abroad. These stores serve as local meeting places for people to work together to bring about positive change in their local communities.

Beautiful Store collects donations of old or worn-out items and then sells these donated items to raise money for charity. The material for recycling is given to the social improvement movement. From the beginning, Beautiful Store has accepted donations which are used, such as clothing, books, bags, shoes, kitchenware and appliances. Beautiful Store volunteers repair the items when needed and then they are distributed to the other stores.

Beautiful Store operates at flea markets to promote the culture of recycling, donation, and sharing. Instead of charging fees for the shop, Beautiful Store collects part of the sales profits as donation. Beautiful Store helps small businesses from developing countries by importing their products for fair prices.

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